Mindful Photography Workshops

Experience seeing the world in a new light! Mindful Photography workshops ® by Maurice Spees are a powerful experience for everyone who is into Photography or finding themselves. Workshops in which you learn to use your camera not just to make great images but also as a powerful self-mastery vehicle in Nature. These workshops will change the way you use photography in your life forever. Awaken to the beauty that is all around you and uncover your true nature.

  • Learn to capture the beauty of our world
    Seeing the world through mindful eyes

The 3 day Masterclass  will help you find your unique perspective and style,

here is a list of other skills you can get from the Mindful Photography workshops:

  • Technical skills how to use the camera intuitively,
  • Contemplative & Mindful Photography,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Pure perception, seeing with fresh eyes,
  • Inner Peace and clarity,
  • Time and capturing timelessness,
  • Insight Meditation,
  • Intuitive skill development,
  • Connecting to animals,
  • Street, nature, wildlife and culture photography,
  • Full presence,
  • Extending the mind’s eye with a lens,
  • Self-reflective photography,
  • From Seeing into Being!!
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo editing

Available Photography workshops:

During 2 evenings and 1 full day, you will discover how to tap into the power of now with mindful seeing and explore your unique perspective in Photography.

DAY 1: BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY or MINDFULNESS – (3-4hrs) compensation: €65,00 p.p.

DAY 2: MINDFUL SEEING – (3-4hrs) compensation: €65,00 p.p.

DAY 3: MINDFUL PHOTOGRAPHY – (6hrs saturday) – compensation: €75,00 p.p.

Special 3 day price: €195,00 p.p.

Location: The most beautiful spots in nature or in the city of the Netherlands. Also Europe, SE-Asia and South America!

All workshops including coffee and tea. Lunch is available.

Early bird booking price: €165,00 p.p.
rice: €195,00 p.p.

The best tool to edit your images and make them appear exactly as you feel is right is of course ADOBE lightroom.

In this course you’ll learn how to enhance your images digitally without loosing the natural feel to it. When to choose black and white, and a lot more.

Location: Koetshuis: Wellbeing center @ Landgoed Rhederoord in “de Steeg”.

Early bird booking price: €65,00 p.p.
Price: €75,00

Everyone can capture amazing images! In the beginnersclass you’ll learn to tab into the moment, and the steps needed to help you capture amazing images with any camera. From compact camera to smartphone.

Early bird booking: €65,00 p.p. – full day in weekends.
Price: €85,00

Introducing Mindful Photography Workshops in Brunei, Borneo September -October 2014

When we loose our connection with nature, we loose the most essential part of ourselves. As an artist and guide I fully commit myself to help sustain this connection.

Maurice Spees


With Mindful Photography we are able to capture what is beyond the mind, being an aware observer of timelessness.

Maurice Spees

Mindful Photography Gallery

Fine Art Mindful Photography work by Maurice Spees. To enhance the spirit of your living and work environment with the natural beauty of our world! All works are available on fine-art Giclée press, fine-art aluminium, acrylic or canvas. Feel free to contact me for more info.

I believe that happiness lies in the natural wonders of life, and by connecting to nature we open the gateway to our true potential.

Maurice Spees

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